The founders

Kori Harrison (

Kori is a health tech product manager and strategist currently working with early stage startups in SF. With a background in healthcare and biology that she merged with a passion for technology, her mission is to advance human longevity via preventative health and nutrition. Additional obsessions include weight lifting, riding her Ninja, yoga, inhaling books, and exploring the world.

Kori maintained a low-carb diet prior to Keto, but since switching over to strict Keto, she's seen marked improvements in her life and has added it to her list of obsessions.

Ryan Vanniekerk (


Ryan is a founder and entrepreneur living in San Francisco. He has been in the tech industry for the last decade, primarily as a developer, systems architect and engineer. He's previously founded an SEO focused startup and worked with high profile companies like GoPro and Lonely Planet. He also built a prototype Virtual Reality app using Javascript and WebVR.

Ryan's passions include technology, hacking, fitness, seeking his adrenaline fix riding a Boosted Board around San Francisco, reading and finding time to squeeze in the occasional video game.

Ryan lived with a chronic TMJ disorder for the vast majority of his adult life (currently 29) and recently turned to the Ketogenic diet and discovered dramatic improvements in his overall health and ability to cope with his TMJ symptoms (of which there are MANY).