Top Ketogenic resources 2018

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Throughout my two month journey on the Ketogenic diet, I've come across a number of invaluable resources.  The knowledge I gained by reading, listening and learning from these people has been tremendously helpful to me during my transition into a stable and functional Ketogenic state.  I've compiled a list of what I think are some of the best Ketogenic resources on the web and will be sharing them with you now.


Who doesn't love a good podcast these days? You can download a bunch of them to your phone and listen to them whenever it is convenient: driving, working out, lying in bed.  I've come across a bunch of really great Ketogenic Podcasts during my time as a Ketoer.  Here are the ones I recommend checking out:

  • Two Keto Dudes - These two dudes, Richard and Carl know a TON about being Keto.  Both have suffered from Type-2 diabetes and both have remarkably recovered from their diagnoses by utilizing a strict Ketogenic diet.  2 Keto Dudes is the story of Carl and Richard as they navigate the ketogenic lifestyle.
  • Keto For Normies - Megha and Matt (the founders of Keto Connect blog) started the Keto for Normies podcast and it's one of my favorites, the founders have great personalities and the chemistry is undeniable.   The podcast is jam packed with information, tips and high-profile guests.   A must-listen Keto podcast!
  • The Keto Answers Podcast - Perfect Keto is a goldmine of Keto information and products.  The founder, Anthony Gustin, also started a podcast this year and it's invaluable.  Definitely tune in to this one.
  • Keto Talk - This one probably ranks number one for most entertaining podcast.  Jimmy and Will are an electric duo loaded with endless Keto knowledge bombs.  Jimmy underwent a remarkable 180lb weight loss journey and the founder of "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog.


  • The Keto Bible - Honestly, if there is only one book your purchase in your journey to Ketosis, let it be this one.  The name couldn't be any more appropriate, this literally the bible of everything you could possibly hope to know about the Ketogenic diet.  It's jam packed with research, studies and undeniable truths about going Keto.  
  • Keto Made Easy - Recipes are crucial!  My favorite recipe book is by Matt and Megha of Keto Connect (listed below in blogs).  Over 100 super simple and delicious (and of course low-carb) recipes at your fingertips.  


  • Keto Connect - One of the original and longest running Keto-centric blogs on the web.  Matt and Megha have all sorts of fantastic recipes, tips and information to help you succeed on the Ketogenic lifestyle
  • Grass Fed Girl - Caitlin Weeks is a certified nutrition consultant, holistic lifestyle coach and professional trainer (amongst many other things) living in San Francisco, CA.  Caitlin has been blogging on Grass Fed Girl since 2008, she has built a large following and now has a podcast, blog, recipes, book and much more.
  • Keto Karma - Suzanne Ryan has been on the Ketogenic diet since early 2015.  She's lost well over 120lbs at this point and is still going strong.   She has appeared on several prime time television shows to talk about her Ketogenic experiences.  Suzanne has also published a Keto recipe book called Simply Keto.
  • Ketogasm - Tasha is the creator of Ketogasm, a blog dedicated to helping women with their Ketogenic journeys.   At her heaviest, Tasha weighed around 250 pounds and hide a wide range of health related issues.  She has since lost over 90 pounds and feels better than ever.  Tasha's blog is loaded with excellent tips, nutritious recipes and much more.  Check it out!  
  • Keto Virgin - Of course I can't leave off our very own blog!   We are building out an awesome resource of Keto tips, Keto guides and Keto stories.

There is no shortage of Keto resources on the web, this is obviously just a small sample of some of the most useful ones I have come across in the recent weeks and months.   Please feel free to email your suggestions over to us: